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About our company

The insurance brokerage company NI-BO d.o.o. is a privately owned company, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We offer our business partners comprehensive solutions in the field of insurance. Our friendly professional team is actively and successfully engaged with all insurance services that you might need.
Full name: NI-BO Zavarovalna posredniška družba d.o.o.
Contracted name: NI-BO d.o.o.
Address: Cvetkova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
Tax number : SI 15780252
Identification number: 1785532000
Main activity: 66.220 – (Act of insurance agents and brokers)
Date of registration with the registering authority: 24. 12. 2002
Legal organizational form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)

Our guidelines

The basic guideline in the work of our insurance brokers is the professionalism and the quality of the proposed solution, which is adapted to the business interests of the client and not to the interest of an insurance company. The preparation of high-quality analysis takes a lot of expertise in all areas of insurance, practical experience in the preparation of insurance offers and procedures of redress, which is usually the weakest point in business. Here is an expert’s help almost indispensable. As an insurance brokerage company, we perform within the limits of your authorisation. In accordance with the Insurance Act, we also have insurance of professional liability, which provides you with extra security.


The insurance brokerage company NI-BO d.o.o. is licensed by the Insurance Supervision Agency (AZN) for the provision of insurance brokerage services No. 30220-2326/02-4-BM, dated to 6 November 2002 .

We declare that:

1 | NI-BO Zavarovalna posredniška družba d.o.o. or the insurance brokers employed therein, do not have a direct or indirect holding representing more than 10% of the voting rights or a share in the capital of the insurance undertaking;

2 | no insurance company or a subsidiary holds a direct or indirect holding, representing more than 10% of the voting rights or equity interest in NI-BO Zavarovalna posredniška družba d.o.o..

Pursuant to Article 553 of the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1), we report that NI-BO Zavarovalna posredniška družba d.o.o. or any of the insurance brokers employed in it, has no legal or economic connection with any of the insurers that may affect impartiality of the insurance broker in fulfilling any obligations to the policyholder.

Settlement of disputes

Internal complaint resolution process
We wish that any complaints are resolved in mutual satisfaction. In accordance with Article 579 of the ZZavar-1, we follow an internal procedure for resolving complaints.

Out-of-court settlement of disputes
If you do not agree with the decision adopted in the internal complaint procedure, you can, under certain conditions, submit your complaint to further resolution to the IRPS PerSvet d.o.o., Železna cesta 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
PE LJUBLJANA (headquaters)

NIKOLAJ LAVRIH, dipl. ing. str.
Insurance Broker

NI-BO d.o.o.
Cvetkova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana
+386 41 683 930


NIKA CIMAN, mag. med. odn.
Insurance Broker

NI-BO d.o.o.
Mednarodni prehod 6
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici

+386 41 958 320

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